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Polish Fashion Model Zoya legs spread peeing on the floor.

Sexy Zoya is a hot Polish Fashion Model with nice perky boobs and shaved pussy with long meaty pussy lips. Watch her peeing her panties and masturbating with a big fat dildo.

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It really took a lot of effort but we finally got top Polish fashion model Zoya to come in for a  photo and video shoot with Wet and Pissy. She wasn’t sure that she could a pissing scene, but she squirted just fine. In her first attempt at peeing on camera she was slow to get started, but soon a small wet patch developed in the crotch of her pink panties. When she finally let loose Zoya drenched her pink panties as she giggled away. After stripping off her dripping wet panties she sat in a comfortable chair and spread her legs wide, closed her eyes and let out a super strong stream of piss peeing all over the floor. After that it got extremely intense as she grabbed a big fat dildo and started fucking her wet shaved pussy from behind like an animal.  It was so arousing to see a Top Fashion Model like Zoya really get into the pissing and extreme hardcore masturbation with real intense orgasms.

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Blue Angel Peeing Her Denim Shorts And Masturbating

Blue Angel bottomless peeing with pussy spread.

Naughty girl Blue Angel loves piss play. See her peeing her cutoff denim shorts then masturbating with a big cock dildo by the pool.

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Watching Blue Angel by the pool in her cutoff denim shorts and red tank top is a sight for horny eyes. Ready to explode Blue wets her shorts and rubs her pussy. See her get naked spreading her legs to expose her beautiful pussy slit and massage her all natural puffy tits. The pissing action continues as Blue Angel pisses into an umbrella filling the bottom with her warm yellow urine. She grabs the piss filled umbrella and poured some of her pee into a tall glass then pours the warm liquid over her nice perky tits and puffy nipples. After wetting herself and playing in her own piss she grabbed a big cock dildo and fucked her juicy wet pussy from a variety of angles including banging herself bent over from behind. After an amazingly intense orgasm, Blue Angel fills the big cock dildo with her own pee and shoots it into her mouth drinking her own piss like the slut she is giving herself a golden shower.

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Sexy Teen Girl Anita Berlusconi Pissing & Masturbating With A Dildo

Teen girl Anita Berlusconi spreads her shaved pussy pissing into a glass on the floor below her.

When we first watched 18 year old babe Anita Berlusconi’s homemade video it was so fucking hot. A tight teen girl like her is perfect for the ultimate pissing and masturbation scene. Anita has the sweetest shaved pussy and perfect perky tits.

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When Anita Berlusconi arrived she jumped right in pissing in her tight little denim shorts. After wetting her shorts she pulled them off giving us a clear view if her tight shaved teen pussy slit. Then Anita squatted and pissed into a glass on the floor filling it almost to the top. You could tell her pee play was making Anita very horny as she pinched and pulled her nipples as she rubbed her smooth snatch.

Next she grabbed the glass full of pee and poured piss all over herself giving her boobs and shaved pussy a nice piss wash. Our pissing teen girl then rubbed her clit, fingered her pussy then rolled onto her back and pissed a strong arching stream high into the air and all over the floor in front of her. Finished with her piss play, Anita wants to get off. She spreads her legs wide and inserts a vibrator dildo deep in her wet teen pussy. After sticking her vibrator dildo into her wet and pissy pussy she squirts as she has a strong quivering orgasm.

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Hot little slut Mina is tattooed, pierced and she loves exhibition peeing. First she wets her panties, dribbling her pee into a glass then strips nude to continue her piss play and nasty masturbation.

Mina is peeing. She wets her pink panties and catches the dribbles in a glass.

Tattooed And Pierced Mina Peeing And Masturbating With A Dildo

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Mina looks cute and innocent at a glance in her short white top and pink panties. She shows off her tight round ass bending over looking back across her tattooed leg. Things start to get kinky when Mina’s pee starts to flow wetting her panties. Her pussy starts to gush and she catches the piss dribbling from her panties in a wine glass for later use. When her glass is full of urine, Mina lifts it high and pours her piss all over her top wetting down her boobs that are now clearly visible thru her wet shirt. Pulling up her pee drenched top, she flashes her perky little boobs and pierced nipples. Mina continues stripping, taking off her shirt and panties until she is standing completely naked for our viewing pleasure.

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Now that Mina is nude, she is ready to continue her pissing exhibition and kinky masturbation. She gives us a good look at her double pussy piercings as she spreads her pussy lips with her fingers. With her shaved pussy opened wide the pee starts to flow again. Mina grabs her wine glass and shoots a strong stream filling the glass again. This girl peeing is just full of piss. Finished with her piss play, Mina grabs her ribbed dildo to masturbate. She sits on the edge of the bath tub fucking herself with the dildo as she pours her own piss all over her pierced shaved pussy. She shudders, shakes and moans with an intense orgasm then collapses into the tub.


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Busty brunette Nicole Vice peeing her pantyhose, masturbating and shooting piss all over her boobs, ass and pussy.

Nicole Vice spreads her legs in her pantyhose exposing her wet shaved pussy.

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Nasty girl with big store bought tits Nicole Vice is bottomless wearing a sexy pink top and sheer nude pantyhose. Her shaved pussy slit and butt crack are clearly seen thru the sheer fabric as she positions herself on the chair. She pulls down her top to expose her big boobs as she spreads her legs wide showing off her snatch. Sliding her hand down her pantyhose, Nicole fingers her juicy pussy as she pisses her pantyhose.

Nicole fills a big black cock dildo full of pee and squirts piss all over her face, big boobs and down over her nude body. After her simulated golden shower Nicole masturbates with the big black cock, fucking her wet dripping pussy as she squeezes her big tits, pinches her nipples and rubs her clit until she has an intense bucking orgasm. She finishes with a crazy pantyhose pissing show. Pulling her pantyhose tight over her shaved pussy, she tears a hole in the crotch and the pee starts to flow. She squirts piss all over the floor as we watch all of the detail of her gaping hole close up.

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Beata is a sexy and nasty 23 year old brunette from Latvia with big natural tits and freshly shaven pussy. She really enjoys pissing when she masturbates and the deep erotic sensations when she pees.

Beata nude spreads her freshly shaven pussy pissing on the floor.

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Beata first realized she had a piss fetish when she was going to school in college. She really got off on the feeling of holding her urine, clinching her pussy muscles during class to hold her pee. Beata would run back to her dorm room after class to relieve herself and masturbate. The tingling sensation of pissing would put her over the edge with some amazing orgasms. We hope you totally enjoy Beata and get your nut off watching her naughty piss performances here at Wet and Pissy.

In this newest Wet and Pissy scene Beata wants to be your piss slut. Just look how sexy she looks by the fireplace wearing her sheer mesh tank top, her hard pencil eraser nipples poking through. We bet you’d like jerk off watching her get naked and pissing to get herself off too. It’s your lucky day and that’s exactly what Beata does. She first wets herself slowly and sensually as you to see the wet spot in her panties grow bigger. As she releases more pee, you will see it dripping onto the floor making a wet pool of her juices. Beata spanks and plays with her erect clit the whole time to increase her sexual enjoyment when she is peeing. Beata gets down on all fours and licks up her own piss. The sight of her amazing boobs swaying as she licks it all up is incredible. Beata finishes up her pissing show playing with herself. She spreads her legs wide as we get close up and tight on her juicy shaved pussy as she cums.


Beata gets down on all fours licking up her own pee.

Busty Italian Girl Valentina Peeing

Busty 21 year old Italian girl Valentina shows off her big natural boobs and well trimmed pussy as she is peeing for our sexual pleasure.

Sexy Italian girl Valentina exposes her big natural boobs and well trimmed pussy.

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Valentina looks hot and sexy in her pink leggings and clear high heeled hooker shoes. She starts her peeing shoot by pissing herself in her red tights. Watch as the pee stain spreads as she slowly pisses in her pants. She gives amazing views of her peed stretch pants from the front and back showing her nice big round booty. Valentina takes a dive in her puddle of urine, soaking her tank top, big natural boobs and hard nipples, then licking her own piss off of her tits.

Nude Italian babe Valentina spreads her pussy lips and pisses all over the table.

She knows we want more so Valentina carefully pees into a glass vase to drink later. Before she does, Valentia sucks as much piss out of her red stretch pants as possible, she loves the taste of her own pee pee. She plays with her well trimmed pussy slit and rubs her clit as she wiggles in her puddle of piss on the table. Check out the extreme close ups as Valentina spreads her wet pussy lips and angles her urethra squirting a strong arching stream.peeing right at you. She gets so horny from her piss play that she breaks out her favorite cock dildo and vibrator to masturbate with. See her dip the big dildo in the vase of her own pee and lick it off as she cums with a strong quivering orgasm.


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Busty punker babe Nicoleta rings in the New Year 2013 getting naked, pissing and masturbating with a big cock dildo.

Punker girl Nicoleta shows off her big boobs and shaved pussy as she gets ready for peeing and masturbating.

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Nicoleta comes in wearing her sexy lingerie and boots. Right away she is bouncing her big boobs and flashing her panties. What great cleavage she has. With a big beautiful smile Nicoleta pulls down her panties to expose her slick shaved snatch. She lets her panties fall to the floor and sits back on the chair, spreading her pussy wide open and exposing her erect clit. She lets her big boobs loose, pulling down the top of her baby-doll. Now those are some fantastic big tits.

Now that Nicoleta is full exposed she decides to fill her sweet tooth. She licks and sucks a big lollipop sucker giving us visions of her sucking a big cock. She rubs the wet, sticky lollipop on her smooth shaved pussy as she picks up a big cock dildo. She inserts the huge cock in her juicy pussy and fucks herself hard and deep as she massages her big boobs and rubs her clit bringing herself to a hard, bucking orgasm. After her orgasm Nicoleta is ready to relieve herself and we watch as she pees into a big glass jug. Seeing this busty babe pissing as she opens her pussy lips with her fingers is so erotic. When she is finished peeing, Nicoleta takes her own piss into her mouth and swishes it around then squirts it at the camera as she giggles. Some kinky pissing action from a beautiful busty punker girl for the new year!


Big boobs punker babe Nicoleta pissing into a big jug.

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Watch Candy stripping nude, peeing, and masturbating with a big dildo. She is a cute sexy brunette from the Czech Republic. She has been experimenting with kinky fetish sex play since she turned 18 years old and started having sex.

Candy opens her pussy lips as she sits on the stoll peeing into a glass bowl below her.

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Candy enjoys taking sexual chances when she is horny as well as pushing the limits of her sex partners. Come and see Candy on her quest for the ultimate orgasm by viewing all her incredible high resolution photo sets and high definition videos. See her shaved pussy close up dripping with female cum juices and pee. Naughty girl Candy has only squirted a few times while having sex but she has perfected the technique of squirting her cum all over her favorite vibrator when she masturbates.

We had sexy Candy drinking water all morning, getting her filed up and ready to bring you on her kinky, erotic foot fetish, pee play, and squirting masturbation journey. To get you hard and ready, Candy plays with her hard dark nipples, pinching and twisting them. After she’s worked up and horny, Candy strips out of her leggings and we see she is freshly shaved. We get up close and watch her pulling her pussy lips open so that you can see her pink vagina and tight asshole. Our camera is right there up between her legs as she masturbates on a stool. We get so close to the action you can clearly see her wetness building at her pee hole. Candy then demonstrates her pissing accuracy, peeing into a glass bowl sitting on the floor below her squirting pussy. She then dips her sexy, perfectly pedicured feet and toes in her warm piss bath. Foot and pee fetish fans are sure to favorite this erotic scene. Candy finishes up her sex play masturbating with a big clear dildo, taking it deep up her juicy wet pussy hole as she rubs her clit until she cums.


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Shylina is a soft, fair skinned sexy Belgium teen girl peeing and masturbating with two dildos, banging her tight teen cunt and squirting like the naughty girl she is.

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Shylina is a cute, sexy 19 year old teen girl just starting to explore her sexuality. She loves to play with her tight teen pussy and she loves to experiment with new kinky sex acts. Today we talked her into peeing and playing with her piss before masturbating with some big dildos. Shylina is already bottomless when we start to watch as she spreads her legs and stretches her tight teen pussy wide open. Her sweet pink hole looks so inviting as we get close up for inspection.

Shylina’ pee hole starts to drip, then she grabs a squirt bottle and shoots her strong flowing stream of piss into the bottle as we watch. What is she going to do with that pussy juice? After filling the bottle with pee, she squirts her own piss all over her nude body, covering her nice firm boobs, arms, belly, and pussy with urine. She rubs the love juice all over herself and gets ready to fuck herself. First she takes a big realistic cock dildo and rides it deep up her nasty fuck hole as we watch from behind. She brings herself to a quivering orgasm with a long glass dildo. This soft, sexy, teen girl peeing and masturbating is awesome and sure to make you hard.

Shylina nude spreads her pussy, peeing into a squirt bottle before she masturbates with big dildos.