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It really took a lot of effort but we finally got top Polish fashion model Zoya to come in for a  photo and video shoot with Wet and Pissy. She wasn’t sure that she could a pissing scene, but she squirted just fine. In her first attempt at peeing on camera she was slow to get started, but soon a small wet patch developed in the crotch of her pink panties. When she finally let loose Zoya drenched her pink panties as she giggled away. After stripping off her dripping wet panties she sat in a comfortable chair and spread her legs wide, closed her eyes and let out a super strong stream of piss peeing all over the floor. After that it got extremely intense as she grabbed a big fat dildo and started fucking her wet shaved pussy from behind like an animal.  It was so arousing to see a Top Fashion Model like Zoya really get into the pissing and extreme hardcore masturbation with real intense orgasms.

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Amy (aka: Veneziana) loves to get naked and play with her piss. She gets great sexual satisfaction out of holding her pee as long as she possibly can without exploding.

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When she is worked up and horny, Amy says letting her piss out is one of the most intense sexual feelings you could ever imagine. In this pissing and masturbation scene, Amy is very horny and ready to burst. To increase her sexual excitement she puts on a slow sexy strip show, allowing us to enjoy every inch of her tight hard body as she takes off her bra and panties. Now totally naked, Amy pulls her wet shaved pussy lips open with her fingers so we can get an clear detailed view of her piss squirting as she forces it out of her pee hole.

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Amy has incredible pussy muscle control so she can start and stop her pissing for her maximum pleasure as she brings herself to the edge of orgasm. Amy has a super special treat for us today. We watch as she pisses into a funnel collecting her warm urine in a blue plastic bottle. She then uses that same funnel to pour her pee back into her wide open gaping pussy hole. She thinks this is her way of cumming inside of her own pussy. Very hot peeing action not to be missed. Horny Amy finishes up this Wet and Pissy scene with her Hitachi Vibrator. She brings herself to multiple orgasms with the Hitachi working her juicy fuck hole.


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Busty punker babe Nicoleta rings in the New Year 2013 getting naked, pissing and masturbating with a big cock dildo.

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Nicoleta comes in wearing her sexy lingerie and boots. Right away she is bouncing her big boobs and flashing her panties. What great cleavage she has. With a big beautiful smile Nicoleta pulls down her panties to expose her slick shaved snatch. She lets her panties fall to the floor and sits back on the chair, spreading her pussy wide open and exposing her erect clit. She lets her big boobs loose, pulling down the top of her baby-doll. Now those are some fantastic big tits.

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Here comes a beautiful, tall, dark hotty. Kitty Jane is 6′ tall, 122 pounds. She’s tall and thin with nice big C-cup titties and sexy tan lines. Watch her nude and peeing in a nasty pee pee game.

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Kitty Jane enters the room in her cute and sexy bra and panties. She teases as she massages her big boobs and tubs her pussy over her panties. She knows she is going to pee before she masturbates and she like to have fun, so Kitty sets up a row of glasses for a naughty pissing game.

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You can’t help but notice her deep tan lines as she takes off her bra and panties. Kitty squats naked in front of the row of clear glasses she has set up to catch her pee. After rubbing, spreading and fingering her shaved pussy, she is ready for her squirting challenge. Holding open her pussy with her fingers, Kitty starts to pee. She starts slowly aiming her pussy juice the best she can into the first glass. Once her flow gets started and she in lined up, she lets loose with a strong stream, pissing into the furthest glass. As her piss stream slows down she works her way back across the 5-6 glasses trying not to wet the table top. This girl has some amazing pussy and pissing control. After this sexy naked babe is done with her pissing games, she gets herself off with her fingers deep in her dripping wet shaved pussy.

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Lolipop is a skinny teen slut with tiny tits, puffy nipples, and a fresh shaved pussy. She’s a party girl that loves to get naked and she loves peeing for sexual pleasure.

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18 year old Lolipop loves being a total teen slut. She likes to go out to the night clubs dancing and flirting with everyone. When she leaves the club she likes to pee in public on the sidewalk or in the parking lot. She doesn’t try to hide anything and gets turned on when a group of guys watch her peeing out in the open for all to see. She watches to see which guy takes the most interest in her pissing show, then latches on to him to go back to his place for some wild sex. She may be young but this teen slut knows what she likes and she is into golden showers.

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Watching tight blonde girl Tracy Delicious peeing is such a turn on. She looks so cute and innocent with a beautiful smile and long lean physique. You wouldn’t think this girl is into peeing porn. She’s so cute you just want to grab her and squeeze her, then throw her on the bed and fuck her.

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In this high resolution pics gallery from Wet and Pissy beautiful blonde girl Tracy D is in the bathroom wearing her sexy black lingerie and high heels. At 5′ 7″ tall and 121 pounds she is long, lean and gorgeous. With a big smile she pulls down her black bra and flashes her perky natural A-cup boobs and hard pencil eraser nipples. Sitting down Tracy gives us a peek at her shaved pussy, pulling her panties to the side. Her tight pussy slit close up is an incredible sight. Now standing, Tracy pulls and tugs her black panties as she turns to show her nice round ass. She pulls down her panties and opens her ass crack with both hands for a great view of her tight asshole and shaved pussy from behind, just the way we like it. She slowly bends over as she removes her panties then turns to the front so we can view her tight shaved pussy slit.

Now Tracy Delicious is bottomless with her perky boobs still on full display as her bra is pulled below her breasts. She sits back down and lays back in the chair with her long sexy legs spread wide. She massages her boobs and pinches her nipples as she rubs her slick pussy and clit with her other hand. Tracy moves both hands to her pussy, opening her tight pussy lips and gaping her vagina wide open. Now that is a fabulous snatch! We see lots of Tracy’s shaved pussy close up as she rubs and spreads wide open for amazing views of her erect clit, her pee hole, and inner vagina. Watch when we see her start to pee, first a small dribble from her pee hole, then Tracy’s pussy starts to gush and she is peeing a strong stream onto the bathroom floor. Her sexy black stockings make a nice frame for her pissing pussy close up. Cute and innocent looking blonde Tracy Delicious turns out to be a kinky girl peeing for sexual pleasure.


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Wet and Pissy brings us Little Caprice pissing and masturbating after she strips form her sexy black and white bra, panties and garter.

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If you are here to get excited and jerk off then you will definitely love to watch this young whore. Little Caprice spreading her pussy and pissing for your jack off pleasure. Watching her squeeze her perfect all natural tits and slowly spreading her long lean legs. When she rubs her tight little pussy, its enough to make your cock hard and ready to blast.

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